How to Crack an Egg with One Hand

How to Crack an Egg with One Hand

For folks that have always cracked eggs tentatively and with both hands very much in play, it's always quite impressive to see someone only use half the regular number of hands. Become one of the privileged one-handers and achieve egg-cracking prowess today, with this simple tutorial! Cracking eggs and taking names is one of those skills that is actually much simpler than it might look, so check it out!


1. Hold the egg gently in one hand so that the middle of the egg is between your pointer and middle fingers. Crack the egg against the side of the bowl enough to create a mark in the center of the egg. 2. Pull the egg apart at the crack by moving your pointer and middle fingers away from each other, around the egg. The egg should slip out cleanly into the bowl, and the top of the egg shell should fold into the bottom half in your hand, making clean-up easy too!

cracking egg into a bowl