It's SlurpFREE Day!

Hit your local 7/11 from 11 AM to 7 PM today, and you can enjoy an icy bit of relief from the heat for free! In honor of the release of their newest icy confection, the "Slurpee Lite," participating 7/11 stores across the country are giving away 7.11oz slurpees to all thirsty people who ask for one. If you're hankering for something sweet and cold without spending a penny, make sure to claim yours before time is up!

History of the Slurpee

Like many great food inventions, slurpees (and their slushy predecessor, ICEE's) were created on by accident. ICEE inventor, Omar Knedlik's refrigerator was on the fritz, so he was forced to cool his fizzy drinks in the freezer. Upon discovering his drinks in a slushy state and finding that this was a delicious new way of consuming the beverage, he decided to sell more "slushy" type drinks. 7/11 eventually adopted the drink, re-dubbing it the "Slurpee," and have sold it at their stores to millions of hungry people since the 1960s.

Slurpee Trivia

  • There are over 100 different flavors and varieties of Slurpee available throughout the US!
  • The dual-chambered cup was introduced in 2011 and features a double-straw with a valve that lets you drink two flavors simultaneously or one at a time.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada has been crowned the Slurpee Capital of the World 12 years in a row.
  • Every year on July 11, 7-Eleven offers free 7.11 ounce Slurpee in the US and Canada! (In Australia, 7/11 day falls on November 7th, since their dates are organized in the day/month order.)

  Photo Credits: MSNBC, Serious Eats