Every June, we take our family trip to Hawaii. Our favorite breakfast meal is the coconut, banana and macadamia nut pancakes.  It’s the end of April, and I can’t wait for June to get here. Overly anxious, this morning I decided to recreate those pancakes for breakfast.

Skinnyluscious Coconut Banana Pancakes

Originally, I had planned on making these pancakes gluten-free. I used my newly purchased gluten-free flour and coconut flour, and mixed in all of the ingredients. I performed my taste test on the batter, but was less than satisfied. Then the grilling began…my pancakes were mounds of mush, looking more like potato pancakes, quickly burning on the outside with the inside still raw. That’s when I called it quits, disposed of the uncooked pancakes, and began a new batch, this time using all-purpose flour and changing up some of the ingredients, to ensure lower calories (need to keep it Skinnyluscious).

Skinnyluscious Coconut Banana Pancakes via Yummly

My gluten-free disaster turned into a success. As quoted from our youngest daughter, “I can taste all of the flavors, the coconut, banana, and macadamia nuts in these pancakes. From now on, these are the only pancakes I want to eat”. I must admit these are now my favorite pancakes too. So moist and delicious, and best of all they tasted like breakfast in Hawaii.

As quoted from our youngest daughter, “From now on, these are the only pancakes I want to eat!”

Skinnyluscious Coconut Banana Pancakes Aftermath