Love it or hate it, fruitcake is a holiday fixture. It's a colorful, festive dessert that people love to give as gifts because it's filled with all the surprise and sweetness of the holiday season. Every bite contains a little bit of something new, from pistachios and hazelnuts to sweet dried and candied fruits of all sorts! These fruitcake recipes are so delicious, even the staunchest of anti-fruitcake Grinches will enjoy them with smiles and glee.  

Cardamom Fruit Cake (from Mango Power Girl)Cardamom Fruit Cake

A Fruitcake to Love (from The Traveler's Lunchbox)A Fruitcake to Love

Fruit Cake with White Chocolate Frosting (from Fork Spoon Knife)Fruit Cake with White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting

Cream Cheese Fruitcake (from Diamonds for Dessert)Cream Cheese Fruitcake

Christmas Plum Cake (from My Diverse Kitchen)Christmas Plum Cake

Coconut Fruitcake Cookies (from Eggless Cooking)Coconut Fruitcake Cookies

Chocolate Fruit Cake (from Mrs Multitasker)Chocolate Fruit Cake

Fruit and Nut Cake (from Sunita's World)Fruit and Nut Cake

Hazelnut and Zucchini Fruitcake (from pepsakoy)Hazelnut and Zucchini Fruitcake

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