The International snack food market is filled with an extraordinary number of flavors not seen in America. From country to country, tastes and culinary norms differ wildly, and the snacks we know and love are often quite different when they're seen overseas. This phenomenon is evidenced in Kit Kats and beers, and Pringles chips are no exception either! Check out the a few of the bizarre flavors Pringles has to offer all around the world!

Soft Shelled Crab PringlesSoft Shelled Crab Pringles

Keema Curry PringlesKeema Curry Pringles

Thai Sweet Chilli & Lemongrass PringlesThai Sweet Chilli & Lemongrass Pringles

French Consomme PringlesFrench Consumme Pringles

Prawn Cocktail PringlesPrawn Cocktail Pringles

German Sausage PringlesGerman Sausage Pringles

Blueberry & Hazelnut PringlesBlueberry & Hazelnut Pringles

Mayo Potato PringlesMayo Potato Pringles

Spanish Salsa Pizza PringlesSpanish Salsa Pizza Pringles

Torchin' Tamale PringlesTorchin' Tamale Pringles

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