Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel with Sriracha Ranch Dip

Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel with Sriracha Ranch Dip

The trick of this recipe is getting a good batch of hefty, nut-fed squirrels.  Fortunately, the husky, meaty squirrels are the slowest and easiest to catch. (As a bonus, a squirrel hunt is a great way to get the kids out of the house for some family fun too!) If that doesn't work, your local Animal Services may be able to provide you with a great batch of fresh squirrels! Just be sure to wash those critters thoroughly. (No one likes old tire in their food).

This might sound like a lot of effort for a meal, but trust me, bacon-wrapped squirrel is worth it.

Note: Sneak a slice of bacon inside of the squirrel tenders too! Everything is better with bacon.

Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel Tenders.

Just look at that juicy squirrel goodness.

Bacon-wrapped squirrel Greg Scheidemann

Photo by Greg Scheidemann

Tips and Tricks for Wrangling Squirrels

  • Learn how to make authentic squirrel mating sounds and use your feminine call to lure muscled male squirrels toward you.
  • Plant cashews and walnuts in an open field and lay in wait in the tall yellow grass. When your squirrels approach, snatch them up with your bare hands and wrestle them to the ground.
  • Procure squirrels from your local organic, free-range squirrel farm (some also call it a park). Just make sure you're up to date on your rabies shots.

WARNING: Catch squirrels at your own risk. You're in their territory now.

*Tip: If you're allergic to squirrel, try substituting it with boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Happy Hunting!

They look innocent and fun, but don't be fooled


They are plotting against you.


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