How to Make Ogura Cake: Malaysian Sponge Cake

How to Make Ogura Cake: Malaysian Sponge Cake

An Ogura Cake or 相思蛋糕 (xiang si dan gao) originated from Batu Pahat, in the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is basically a take on sponge cake baked using the steam-bake method. 相思 literally means lovesick. The story behind this cake is, a woman who lived in Batu Pahat was pining for her Japanese husband named Ogura. Thus, she decided to bake a "lovesick" cake. However, little did she know that he had actually died.

Ogura Cake from The Cinnamon Sheep

What’s unique about this version is that it has 3 different flavors, and of course colors. I decided to go with the basic flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee, but feel free to choose your own favorites! I love this cake. It’s so light and fluffy, it almost makes you feel as if you were in dreamland. Because its so light, you won’t even feel guilty even after eating a big slice, and you’ll be sure to go back for seconds. Since this cake has no butter, and isn't overly loaded with sugar like the standard dessert cakes, who says you can’t have your treat and be healthy at the same time?

An Ogura Cake is usually baked using square-shaped but feel free to bake it in any shape you want. But be ensure that you line your tins with parchment paper and that the sides are cease-free.