How to Eat Like "Mad Men"

How to Eat like "Mad Men"

With Season 5 of Mad Men on hold until 2012, fans of AMC's hit show will have to find other ways to fill their appetite for the 60's. Sure, you can dust off your Beatles records (or toss in Beatles Rock Band), participate in dramatic readings of Jack Kerouac's “On the Road,” and sexually harass your co-workers, but a better way to bide the time is indulging in “the Roger Sterling diet.” We might have to wait an entire year to catch up with the Sterling Cooper Draper Price gang, but foodie fans can still live vicariously through Don Draper with some of his favorite delectable indulgences (well, some of them – brunettes and cigarettes aren't on the menu). (Since 'the Roger Sterling Diet' is also known as the double-coronary special, we're throwing in a salad too!)


(Try a yummly recipe for this rummy treat!).


What's the name for Waldorf Salad in Farsi?

An essential part of the "Roger Sterling Diet"


Have some fun. Wear a bib.

Also known as a "big Texas Belt Buckle"

Now you can cook like Betty Draper! Well, like her maid at least.


What's a lap or two around the steno pool?


The perfect start to a Donald Draper siesta.