Get Your Leap Day Hoppin' with Frog-Themed Foods!

What are you going to do with your extra day of February? If you want to bring a little festivity to this awesome once-every-four-years day, leap into the kitchen and whip up a few of these glorious green, frog-themed goodies! Leap Day might not be an official holiday, but these cute amphibious foods are a fun way to add some cheer to the extra day we have this year.

Gummy Frogs (from Kokocooks)

Gummy Frogs

Froggy Onigiri Bento (from bentozen)

Froggy Onigiri Bento

[Frog Cupcakes

Frog CupcakesChocolate Frogs

Biscuit Frogs (from Cute Food for Kids)

Biscuit Frogs

Strawberry Chocolate Frogs (from Test with Skewer)

Strawberry Chocolate Frogs