In addition to adding a light, woody flavor to everything from light pasta salads to stir frys, olive oil (and other types of cooking oil) can be a highly useful thing to have around in all kinds of non-cooking related situations. Learn how to be even more resourceful ingredients you already have in your house and read on!

Remove paint, gum, etc from your skin and hair

With a combination of olive oil and salt, you can scrub off all kinds of paints and frustratingly sticky substances like tree sap or gum. It's awesome lubricating properties make it easy for it to get underneath the sticky paint or gum and lift it off. (Plus, the fatty acids in the olive oil helps moisturize your skin and hair too!)

Polish your leathers and woods

You can give wood and leather items a good cleaning and a great shine with mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Just drop a little onto a soft cloth and give the desired item a gentle rub down. It'll keep your leather items supple and shiny, and it'll give your wood furniture a nice polish too.

Get a closer, more comfortable shave

There are two big benefits to using olive oil to shave rather than foams or gels. Firstly, it's a natural lubricant that will actually moisturize your skin and let you get a closer shave all in one step, greatly reducing the risk of razor burn. Secondly, you'll see exactly where you need to shave the entire time!

Say goodbye to squeaky hinges

Sure, WD-40 is the go-to for most squeaky hinge problems, but if you don't have any of that around, a little oil can do the trick wonderfully. Just clean the offending hinge a bit, dab olive oil onto it, and wipe away the excess! You're using such a small amount of olive oil, you shouldn't worry too much about it getting sticky or going bad.

Free a stuck zipper

A zipper that refuses to budge is an annoyance that no longer has to become a headache. Dab a little bit of olive oil into the zipper's teeth with a Q-Tip and gently ease it upward. The olive oil should encourage it to zip up with ease!

Photo Credits: Free Great PictureThe Fairway Market Blog