Even if you've lived on the "top ramen diet" before, you've probably never encountered these flavors. You might have had chicken, beef, and shrimp, but have you ever had New England clam chowder ramen? And would you want to try it, even if you had the choice? Check out these awesome flavors of cup noodles and ramen from around the world and judge for yourself! (And for new freshmen heading to college this year, maybe these flavors can add some excitement to your next few years of food?)

New England Clam Chowder Cup NoodleNew England Clam Chowder Cup Noodles

New Orleans Style GumboNew Orleans Style Gumbo

Bacon RamenBacon Ramen

Pizza RamenPizza Ramen

Meat King RamenMeat King Ramen

Cheese Curry Cup NoodleCheese Curry Cup Noodles

Taco Cup NoodleTaco Cup Noodles

  Photo Credits: Miyako Ceramics, Web Urbanist, The Ramen Rater