Introducing the Yummly Smart Thermometer, with Recipes for Perfect Summer Grilling

Introducing the Yummly Smart Thermometer!

Cooking meat just got easier and more delicious with Yummly's new connected thermometer. We've included a host of brand-new thermometer-friendly recipes perfect for summer grilling.

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Photographs by Brittany Conerly

There’s a brand-new cooking tool available from Yummly, and we’re so excited to share it with you, just in time for grilling season! The Yummly® Smart Thermometer is a wireless meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of grilling (and works great in your oven and on your stovetop, too). 

If you’ve ever cooked on a grill, then you know the frustration of serving meat that’s disappointingly dry — or alarmingly red. That problem is solved by the Yummly Smart Thermometer. In honor of our new baby, and the start of grilling season, we made some amazing new bbq recipes for you. (Memorial Day grilling? Father's Day dinner and gift ideas? Yes indeed.) But before we get to those, we want to tell you a little about how the wireless thermometer works.

Bluetooth-enabled cooking. There are three components that all work together. The stainless steel thermometer goes into the food and communicates with the charging dock, which in turn connects to the free Yummly® app through your mobile device. When you’re not using the thermometer, you’ll store it in the dock for recharging. (The dock itself requires AAA batteries, which come with the thermometer.)

App-based cooking assistance. Using the Yummly app on your device — the app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets — you’ll tap to select what you're cooking (meat, fish, or poultry) and choose your preferred doneness. Pre-set programs on the app guide the way from there.

Cooking prompts and alerts. As you cook, alerts and timers will eliminate the guesswork and hassle and give you food temperature readings, tell you if the cooking temperature is too hot or too cold, when it’s time to flip the food, and when you should remove the food from the heat to rest — so you avoid overcooking.

Works with your grill. The Yummly Smart Thermometer is great for grilling, handling grill temperatures of up to a blazing 572° Fahrenheit. Cuts of meat or fish need to be at least ¾ inch thick and 4 inches long. Keep the dock next to your grill for continuous temperature monitoring — the thermometer will tell you exactly when to remove the meat!

Now that you’ve got the basics down for the Yummly Smart Thermometer, let’s get grilling! These five very special recipes are Yummly originals created by David Bonom, a cookbook author and grilling expert who happens to own nine grills. Each recipe gives you maximum “wow” factor with minimum effort.

Perfect No-Fail Grilled Chicken Breasts

Yummly Original

This easy grilled chicken breast recipe tells you everything you need to know for how to make the perfect grilled chicken breasts. Lightly pound the meat so it’s an even thickness. Marinate the meat in a simple but spectacular combination of olive oil and lime juice with cilantro, cumin, garlic powder, and chipotle chile powder. Grill the chicken over medium heat (not high), and don’t overcook it! The right temperature for grilled chicken breasts is 160°-165°, and the Yummly Smart Thermometer (or, sure, fine, an instant-read thermometer) will tell you when you’re there.

Grilled Black Pepper Ribeye Steaks with Thyme-Shallot Butter

Yummly Original

Splurge time! A pepper-rubbed ribeye steak is hands-down one of the best grilled steaks you’ll ever eat — tender, meaty, juicy, and in this case, seasoned with the restraint befitting such a beautifully marbled cut. But a pepper-rubbed ribeye steak with butter (here, with just the right amount of shallot and fresh thyme), puts the concept over the top.

How to grill ribeye steak: Preheat the grill for high heat (450° to 550°). It takes about 8 minutes to cook a ribeye on the grill for medium-rare. You’ll want to flip it halfway through cooking—the Yummly Smart Thermometer tells you when. The right doneness temperature for ribeye steak is 130° for medium-rare.

Grilled Orange and Smoked Paprika Brined Pork Chops with Basil Chimichurri

Yummly Original

Normally I shy away from grilling pork chops, as they’re lean enough that they can quickly dry out. This grilled, brined pork chops recipe made me a total convert. Through the wonders of osmosis, the kosher salt and brown sugar brine locks juiciness into the meat. The brine gives the meat loads of additional flavor from smoked paprika and orange juice. You can give the chops their briny bath for as little as 1 hour or up to 24 hours. Cooking brined pork chops doesn’t take long, about 8 minutes on a hot grill (450° to 550°) with a flip halfway through. For the juiciest meat, the right temperature for cooked pork chops is 145° for medium, but you can choose whatever doneness you prefer using the Yummly Smart Thermometer.

Grilled Garlic and Thyme Strip Steaks with Seared Onions and Tomatoes

Yummly Original

Strip steak recipes are the bread and butter, if you will, for those of us who love meat kissed by the fire of a grill. Also known as New York steaks, they’re nice and beefy tasting with a texture that’s tender yet substantial. This recipe proves that a fabulous marinated strip steak needn’t be complicated: a little garlic, fresh thyme, red wine vinegar, and olive oil are all it takes. As long as you’ve got the grill going, why not sear a fresh vegetable topping in a cast-iron skillet? For meat 1 inch thick, it takes about 8 minutes to cook strip steaks on the grill for medium-rare. The internal temperature for strip steaks is 130° for medium-rare.

Grilled Rosemary and Cherry-Glazed Rack of Lamb

Yummly Original

If you’re ready for something a little bit fancy, try grilled rack of lamb. A fresh herb and mustard rub, followed by a tart-sweet glaze at the last minute, says “special occasion” without taking a lot of effort. With this recipe you’ll learn a few secrets for how to grill a rack of lamb. Be sure the meat is well-trimmed of fat so you don’t get flare-ups. Build a two-zone medium fire (350° to 450°): Brown the lamb over direct heat, and then move it to indirect to cook to the perfect doneness. If you like yours medium-rare, then the right temperature for rack of lamb is 130°.