All you need is a dollar and a dream. The Mega Millions lottery payout has climbed up to $540 million dollars, the highest ever. Minus taxes and depending on whether you take the lump sum option or the gradual payout, you're likely to actually keep about $273 million, which is still no small number regardless. So what would you do with a quarter of a billion dollars? What can that much money actually buy you?

*Update: The Jackpot has increased to $640M!

If you decided to spend your entire sum on Big Mac's - heck, make it Big Mac meals for $4.10 each - you'd be able to buy 66,585,366 of them - enough to buy lunch for the entire population of France!

If you were truly frugal and wanted to spend your money on packets of top ramen instead, say at 30 cents a package, you'd be able to buy 910,000,000 of them. If you cooked all the noodles and stretched out their length - about 170 feet of noodle total - you'd be able to circle the earth's circumference at the equator about 1,176 times.

Let's say you wanted to be a bit fancier; if you wanted to spend you fortune on dinner at Thomas Keller's French Laundry every day - the prix fixe menu costs about $270 - you could eat there every day for 2,770 years. If you took 49 friends with you every day, you could still eat there every day for 55 years.

If you wanted to go really big and buy an entire restaurant franchise, there are plenty you could own entirely and still have money leftover to buy several private islands too. For example, there's the Famous Dave's chain that could be yours entirely for a paltry $88 million. However, if you wanted something like Starbucks - your $273 million would only be able to afford about 1.5% of the company!

You could buy 6,658 champagne fountains each filled with $40,000 dollar bottles of Dom Perignon 1995 White Gold Jeroboam.

Or buy out the entire stock of 78 Walmarts.

Any way you slice it, whoever wins the Mega Millions lottery will have a whole lot of ways they could spend it.

Photo Credits: Business Week, MammaInTheScene, MOMist