You don't have to speak French to cook French food -- from poached eggs with hollandaise sauce to steak au poivre, there are hundreds of recipes to help you demystify French cuisine…

French Breakfast & Snack Recipes

Some of the most common French foods found in the cafes of France are made with sauce or are accompanied by sauce like croque monsieur which is a cheese sandwich made with bechamel sauce. It can be made for breakfast or as a warm snack. Croissants are good with jams and honey but for a more involved morning meal, sweet and savory crepes make an elegant breakfast.

French Lunch & Dinner Recipes

If you're looking to make standard French fare, a good introduction is beef bourguignon. It's a beef stew made famous by Julia Child and it's easier to make than it is to spell. That's a heavy dish what pairs well with red wine, but if you want something light but requires a bit of effort, French onion soup is complicated to make but produces unique and complex flavors. For a balanced meal, serve that with the classic French niçoise salad. For a truly French meal that's vegan and gluten-free, try ratatouille, a rich vegetable stew. For the full French experience, serve it with fresh French bread and a dry white wine like sauvignon blanc.

French Dessert Recipes

There are few things as rich and delicious as a French dessert. One of the most common is tarte tatin which an upside down apple tart and is considered a French classic. Another must-make is crème brûlée, a rich custard loosely related to Mexican flan. If you want a dessert challenge, you can try making macarons, but madeleines are just as fun to make and to eat.

Mastering the art of French cooking is no small feat, but you can work your way up to mastering your kitchen with the right recipes from Yummly.

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