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British food is more than just shepherd's pie and fish and chips. There are hundreds of recipes to guide you through British culture than the usual suspects -- and you can find them on Yummly!

British Breakfast & Snack Recipes

Flapjacks are a British favorite, but they're not the same as flapjacks in the U.S., rather they're more like granola bars. Either way, they make an excellent homemade breakfast. If you want something more substantial, there are variations of a full English breakfast…

but traditional scones with clotted cream along with tea are also excellent options.

British Lunch & Dinner Recipes

When you're looking for classic British dishes, comfort food is always a winner -- meat and potatoes is where this culture excels. Wrap your beef fillet in puff pastry for beef Wellington, serve your toad in the hole (sausage baked in Yorkshire pudding) with onion gravy, or make a meal of Cornish pasties or stake and ale pie recipe and vegetables for true British fare. For a lighter meal, Welsh rarebit is good with salad or make bubble and squeak from your Thanksgiving leftovers for Sunday lunch. If you're feeling ambitious, scotch eggs are as interesting to make as they are to eat.

British Dessert Recipes

British cooks have also delivered sweets that are now considered standard fare in the United States. Bread and butter pudding (or bread pudding) is strikingly similar to French toast and we borrow Victoria sponge cake for the traditional sponge cake. For a special occasion, an Eton mess is a crowd-pleaser with a British slant and it doubles as a gluten-free dessert. For a simple sweet, try making lemon curd to go with shortbread cookies for a subtle British treat.

There are many more British recipes to discover. From traditional cottage pie to a proper English trifle, start your search for British recipes on Yummly.

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