Stuffing Recipes

What do you stuff your Thanksgiving turkey with? Like mashed potatoes, It's one of those side dishes you can't skip at your holiday meal -- and everyone has an idea of what makes it good. Lucky for you, there are thousands of recipes for Thanksgiving stuffing to choose from, so there's bound to be one that includes (or excludes) exactly what you want.

Classic Stuffing

Classic stuffing calls for just a few ingredients typically, it starts with mirepoix -- the fancy French word for a mixtur…

of diced yellow onions, celery, and carrots. Saute that in a large skillet and then mix it with cubed bread of your choice, fresh herbs, and chicken broth. You then stuff your turkey with the mixture or use a regular baking dish to cook it next to the turkey. It's a pretty basic recipe -- prep time and total time are minimal and there are plenty of fun ways to build on it.

Easy Stuffing

If you want an easy Thanksgiving dinner, you can simplify the classic recipe by using pre-packaged bread cubes from the grocery store that are seasoned and dried out for you. You can even buy the mirepoix pre-diced so all you have to do saute it and mix in the chicken stock.

Vegetarian Stuffing

There are loads of vegetarian stuffing recipes to choose from. They leave off the chicken broth in favor of vegetable broth and lean on things like fresh thyme, apples, or cashews to make up for the absence of flavor from the broth. Vegetarian cooks on Yummly get pretty creative with their flavor combinations -- apricot and chestnuts, persimmon and fresh sage, or cranberry and walnuts -- there are many ways to make it interesting.

Sausage Stuffing

Some families insist sausage makes the best stuffing -- a heavier twist on the traditional method. It's usually made with fresh sausage roll that's sauteed with the mirepoix before being mixed with the bread. Like the vegetarian stuffing, there are many flavorings to add to it that complements the sausage. Apples are a common pairing, but you'll see other ingredients like mushrooms, pecans, fresh parsley, or sundried tomatoes.

Tips and Tricks

Homemade stuffing is pretty easy to make already, but if you're doing everything from scratch, there are a couple of things you can do to make your Thanksgiving dinner plans a little easier.


You can use most any kind of bread if you're making stuffing from scratch. Plain white bread, French bread, sourdough, whole wheat, or cornbread -- they all make great turkey stuffing. The thing that will make or break your stuffing is how dry it is -- it has to be extremely dry. That means a few days before your dinner you have to cut the bread into cubes and lay them out on baking sheets covered with a kitchen towel so there is no moisture left in the cubes.


You can also dice and saute your veggies a few days ahead of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Since nothing needs to be fresh or hot for the mixture, you can stir the veggies in with the bread and stock on the day of the feast. It'll cut down on stress when you're trying to get your sweet potato or green bean casserole on the table at the same time. Just make sure you keep everything refrigerated until it's time to assemble.

However you want to make your turkey stuffing, Yummly has a recipe to satisfy every taste and dietary preference you're cooking for.

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