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In the winter, nothing says comfort food quite like a steaming bowl of soup. Nourishment comes in a range of flavors and textures to brighten any mood on a chilly day. Whether you want a warm spoonful of chicken broth to go with a sandwich or you're looking for a stew that's hardy enough to eat as a meal, there are thousands of homemade soup recipes on Yummly to turn any day into a cozy one.

Stew, Chili, & Chowder Recipes

Stews and chilis are great for using up leftover meat and vegetables…

Add potatoes, carrots, and onions to leftover pot roast, and you have a meaty Irish stew for dinner. If you're working with leftover chicken breasts, you can turn them into Brunswick stew with corn, butter beans, and tomatoes. Interested in chowder? It's typically a creamy soup, but it's also good for using up ingredients -- it doesn't have to include clams for New England flavor; you can craft a corn chowder or cauliflower chowder with potatoes to make it vegetarian. If you're looking for a new spin on a slow cooker chili? Texas chili is all meat and no beans, but there are vegetarian white bean chilis to try in an instant pot and if you like pork, a traditional New Mexican chili verde is made with Hatch chilis, pork, and it contains no beans.

Vegetables, Noodles, & Cream Soup Recipes

Finding a great healthy soup is hard only because there are so many options! Vegetable soup can come in many forms. For the fall experience, you can try a savory pumpkin soup or butternut squash soup. Nothing goes better with a grilled cheese than tomato soup while crusty bread is the perfect vessel for split pea soup. For international flavor, Italian wedding soup is a great restorative with sausage, pastina, and vegetables. For an authentic Mexican soup, chicken tortilla soup will warm your soul. If that's too much spice, there's always classic leek and potato soup or mushroom soup -- with or without cream. And let's not forget chicken soup! From coconut curry chicken noodle soup to miso chicken noodle soup -- there's a flavor to suit any mood.

There are thousands of hearty soups to slurp through this fall and winter. Thick and chunky or smooth and healthy, there's a soup to match your taste on Yummly.

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