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Sauce and condiments are your meal-makers! Without soy sauce, a tuna roll is just fish and rice. Without hollandaise sauce, eggs benedict is just poached eggs and ham on a dry English muffin. And who eats french fries without ketchup? Finding the right sauce for each meal is like finding gold and Yummly is a gold mine for sauce and condiment recipes!

Dipping Sauce Recipes

Can you eat shrimp without dipping it in cocktail sauce? Yes. Do you want to? No! But dipping sauce doesn't end with sh…

imp -- you can make chimichurri with fresh parsley for grilled meats, mix mayonnaise with pickle relish and lemon juice to make tartar sauce for fish, or you can make an olive oil and garlic sauce to go with pita bread and falafel. There are dozens of easy homemade dipping sauce recipes you can make with items you already have in your refrigerator -- you just need the right recipe!

Sauces for Dousing

Pasta sauce or a red pepper coulis for fish -- just about anything tastes better with sauce. Crushed tomatoes are used in the base for homemade spaghetti sauce for an authentic Italian meal while tomato paste and sugar are the foundation for traditional barbecue sauce for your slow cooker pulled pork, but there are so many other cuisines that use sauce to make meat and vegetables taste better. A true alfredo sauce is nothing more than butter and parmesan cheese, but you can make it a cream sauce with milk or half and half. If you have too much fresh basil, you can blend that into pesto to top a chicken breast. Need a good Buffalo sauce? We've got your chicken wings covered... with hot sauce and butter!

Sauces for Drizzling

Some sauces and most condiments only need to be dispensed little-by-little. Most of the time gyros only needs a little bit of tzatziki to cool off the hot meat just like frankfurters only need a little bit of mustard to tame the dog. In the United States, condiments and sauces make comfort food just a little more comfortable and it's no different in the rest of the world. For Indian flavor, try making a mango chutney to give hot and sour dishes a sweet balance. To spice up your taco, a Mexican salsa roja made with tomato sauce, chilis, and garlic may give you the kick you're looking for. For a medium heat, you can opt for salsa verde made with tomatillos.

Whatever you want to add into your dish to elevate your meals, there are thousands of recipes to browse on Yummly.

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