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Salad doesn't have to be boring -- even when it's packed with healthy ingredients. Long gone are the days when plain iceberg lettuce, tomato wedges, and carrot half moons, dressed in olive oil and vinegar; now you can make salads as simple and unique as arugula and parmesan with a lemon vinaigrette or something elaborate enough to be considered a meal. Whether you're looking for healthy meal options or you need new ideas for serving up spinach and kale, discover new ways to mix a tasty salad to…

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Side Salad Recipes

Potato salad, tuna salad, and pasta salads may not be green, but they are side salads. And while they are classics, they can be altered to add a little more life to your meal -- whether you want a salad for weight loss or you just want to add more healthy recipes to your repertoire. Try twisting the potato salad into a sweet potato salad. Swap out fusilli for tortellini for a more filling pasta salad. Or turn your tuna salad into a paleo tuna salad by adding bacon and avocado. But if you're looking for a green side salad, Greek salads make a great, multi-colored addition to any meal. And let's not forget fruit salad! It makes a great side -- cut up three seasonal fruits you get at the farmers' market, sprinkle them with lemon juice and you have yourself a side of fruit salad.

Meal Salad Recipes

One of the most popular salads eaten as a meal is the cobb salad, but most any salad can be converted into a meal, you just have to add a few items that complement your chosen greens. Taco salad is a great example of a salad as a meal, but if you like kale and you're over kale caesar salad, you can make it an Italian meal with cubed bread, salami, tomatoes, and goat cheese for a hearty panzanella. Turn spinach salad into an Asian salad by adding julienned carrots, fresh mint, and marinated beef for a Thai beef salad. No lettuce? No problem! Cucumbers, sliced grape tomatoes, and avocados and a squeeze of lime juice make a great salad base, all you need is quinoa or grilled chicken to make it a protein power salad. Most of these can be adjusted to be vegan, gluten-free, or keto.

From Mediterranean salads to Mexican chicken salad, there are thousands of recipes on Yummly to make every meal special.

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