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If you want to make a good drink, you're in the right place. Whether you want to turn iced tea into an Arnold Palmer for your next barbecue or you want to mix a signature cocktail for a dinner party, Yummly can help you mix drinks at home.

Cocktail Recipes

Anyone with a bar cart should learn how to mix all the classic cocktails, but you have to make sure your bar is properly stocked. That means you need the makings for classy cocktails you'd order at a bar like a Manhattan (rye whiskey, s…

eet vermouth, and bitters), a bloody mary, and ingredients for a margarita recipe. For mixers, you'll need ingredients like Triple Sec, simple syrup, and club soda which are all items used in popular cocktails. Once you have the standard set up, you can build on what you have to include more ingredients so you can get creative for your next gathering or dinner party.

Vodka Recipes

There are thousands of vodka recipes to choose from -- finding the right one is just a matter of figuring out what you're in the mood for. Because vodka can take on different flavors, you can use it to make refreshing summer cocktails like honeysuckle berry vodka spritzer as well as classic cocktail recipes like a vodka collins. You could even find a recipe for a vodka cocktail using ingredients you already have. It's a very versatile beverage so it shouldn't be hard to find the recipe for your next favorite cocktail.

Rum Recipes

Unless you're a mixologist, you might not want to experiment too much with rum cocktails. Rum has a very distinct flavor, so the key to making the right drink is a good flavor pairing. For instance, it has a fairly heavy flavor which is why it mixes well with dairy-based drinks like eggnog or a rum punch that combines coconut flavors and pineapple juice. But it can also be the base for lighter cocktails like mojitos which combines mint lime juice mixed with sugar and club soda over ice for a taste of Cuba for happy hour.

Cranberry Juice Recipes

Cranberry juice is a staple in any bar. Most notably, it makes a great cape codder which mixes cranberry juice with lime juice, but there are so many drinks to mix with cranberry juice -- with or without alcohol. If you want to make a sparkling mocktail, you can add a splash of cranberry juice to lemonade to mix with club soda for the kids. But if you want a champagne cocktail, add cranberry juice to champagne for a cranberry mimosa you can serve at a holiday brunch.

Pineapple Juice Recipes

If you like piña coladas, you probably like pineapple juice and there are many drinks and smoothies you can make with it. For a party drink, you can make a pineapple sangria for a little Spanish flavor. If you want to make a gin cocktail, a pineapple gin kir combines gin and pineapple juice with fresh lemon juice and cassis for an elegantly fruity drink. But it also pairs well with bananas and most berries to make non-alcoholic juice cocktails or breakfast drinks.

Tequila Recipes

There are many drinks you can mix with tequila that are not a tequila sunrise. That said, tequila has smoky notes along with a lot of strong flavors, depending on the brand you're mixing with. It pairs very well with citrus juices like orange juice or grapefruit juice because in the right amounts it won't be overpowered by the tequila, which is why margarita recipes are popular. Much less popular but just as refreshing is the Paloma which mixes tequila with lime juice and grapefruit soda. But if you want something different, you can try stronger flavors like rhubarb which is delightfully bitter but can be tamed with simple syrup and orange juice.

Halloween Drinks

No holiday requires theme drinks quite like Halloween -- with or without alcohol. Most drinks are red to resemble blood like a vampire's kiss, which is red wine and cola, or bloody brain shooters made with strawberry vodka and Irish cream which curdles so it looks like a brain floating in blood. But you can make a virgin Halloween witch's brew punch for the kids using ginger ale and green sherbet. Whatever flavors or colors you want, there's a Halloween drink recipe for you.

Orange juice Recipes

Orange juice is a great mixer for a lot of alcohol-based cocktails, but it also makes great kiddy cocktails like winter sangria which mixes orange juice with pomegranate juice and tea or an orange juice float made with club soda and frozen yogurt. If you're going for drinks with health benefits, you can mix orange and lemon juices with honey and salt for a homemade electrolyte drink.

Whatever you're in the mood for, there's a cocktail recipe for you. From Long Island iced tea to Moscow mules, browse thousands of cocktail and beverage recipes on Yummly.

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