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Mixed Drinks With Amaretto And Rum Recipes

Amaretto Cocktails

Amaretto Cocktails cherries, light rum, club soda and amaretto liqueur
Rum Runner

Rum Runner

Averie Cooks amaretto, Malibu Caribbean Rum, light rum and 4 MORE
Pink Bikini

Pink Bikini

MyRecipes lemonade, coconut rum and amaretto liqueur
Jingle Juice [Spice Up Your Holidays - Week 3]

Jingle Juice [Spice Up Your Holidays - Week 3]

Baked Bree cranberries, grapefruit juice, lime, orange and 17 MORE
Mississippi Iced Tea

Mississippi Iced Tea

AllRecipes rum, energy drink, amaretto liqueur and 3 MORE
Christmas Rum Punch

Christmas Rum Punch

Martha Stewart lime juice, lime slices, dark rum, grand marnier and 9 MORE
Hillbilly Punch

Hillbilly Punch

AllRecipes cranberry juice cocktail, lemon-lime soda and 4 MORE
Mai Tai

Mai Tai

Martha Stewart simple syrup, lime juice, amaretto, ice, gold rum and 1 MORE
Anchor Punch

Anchor Punch

Good Food Channel pineapple juice, amaretto, angostura bitters and 7 MORE
Mai Tai II

Mai Tai II

AllRecipes grenadine syrup, orange juice, dark rum and 2 MORE
Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews

AllRecipes fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, rum and 2 MORE
Red Death Cocktail

Red Death Cocktail

AllRecipes orange juice, vodka, grenadine syrup, rum and 6 MORE
Hurricane I

Hurricane I

AllRecipes grenadine syrup, cocktail cherries, orange and 6 MORE


AllRecipes coconut rum, cream of coconut, amaretto liqueur and 4 MORE
The Bushwhacker

The Bushwhacker

Food52 cream, creme de cacao, ice, ground nutmeg and 5 MORE
Fog Cutter

Fog Cutter

Martha Stewart white rum, dry sherry, gin, orange, lemon juice and 6 MORE


AllRecipes ice, rum, lemon peel, pineapple juice and 6 MORE
Hotel Riley Rum Cocktail

Hotel Riley Rum Cocktail coconut rum, pineapple, amaretto, lime juice and 2 MORE
Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard

Chow dark rum, lime, cola and amaretto
Apple Rum Toddy

Apple Rum Toddy

MyRecipes clove, amaretto, cinnamon, spiced rum, margarine and 4 MORE
Italian Colada Cocktail

Italian Colada Cocktail amaretto liqueur, white rum, brandy and 3 MORE
Coco-Amaretto Juice

Coco-Amaretto Juice pineapple juice, coconut rum, amaretto and 1 MORE
A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Chow pineapple, grenadine, amaretto, cocktail cherries and 2 MORE
Jedi Mind Trick

Jedi Mind Trick

AllRecipes amaretto liqueur, irish cream liqueur, spiced rum and 2 MORE
Mediterranean Jewel Cocktail

Mediterranean Jewel Cocktail coconut rum, cocktail cherries, Hpnotiq Liqueur and 2 MORE
Caribbean Romance

Caribbean Romance pineapple juice, orange juice, light rum, amaretto and 2 MORE
Flaming Doctor Pepper I

Flaming Doctor Pepper I

AllRecipes amaretto liqueur, beer and rum
Tahitian Treat Cocktail

Tahitian Treat Cocktail cranberry juice, ice, bacardi, cocktail cherries and 2 MORE
Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo amaretto, ice, pineapple juice, coconut rum and 1 MORE
El Borincano

El Borincano pineapple juice, light rum, amaretto and 1 MORE
Courage Cocktail

Courage Cocktail orange juice, cranberry juice, coconut rum and 4 MORE
P.s. I Love You

P.s. I Love You amaretto, cream, kahlua, liqueur and dark rum
Nutty Banana

Nutty Banana coconut rum, amaretto and banana liqueur
Tropical Teaser

Tropical Teaser dark rum, grapefruit, amaretto and grapefruit juice
Pink Bikini

Pink Bikini amaretto liqueur, lemonade and coconut rum
A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach grenadine, coconut rum, orange juice and amaretto
Butter Baby

Butter Baby milk, schnapps, amaretto, coconut rum and kahlua

Roadrunner amaretto, coconut rum and vodka
Tie Me to the Bedpost

Tie Me to the Bedpost peach schnapps, coconut rum, light rum and 4 MORE
Mai Tai

Mai Tai pineapple juice, amaretto liqueur, grenadine and 2 MORE
Rum Punch

Rum Punch

Epicurious cocktail cherries, fresh orange juice, sour mix and 6 MORE
A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach amaretto, grenadine, coconut rum and orange juice
Riviera Delight (Carnival Cocktail #2)

Riviera Delight (Carnival Cocktail #2) light rum, amaretto, sweet and sour mix and 3 MORE
Cafe Caribbean

Cafe Caribbean rum, whipped cream, sugar, amaretto and coffee
Nutty Colada

Nutty Colada cream of coconut, pineapple juice, amaretto and 1 MORE
Under the Table and Dreaming --- Alcoholic

Under the Table and Dreaming --- Alcoholic spiced rum, vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice and 2 MORE
Pink Paradise

Pink Paradise cranberry juice, coconut rum, pineapple juice and 1 MORE
The Fun Ship

The Fun Ship light rum, fruit, vodka, amaretto and apricot brandy

Disacolada amaretto, pineapple juice and coconut rum
Tropical Martini

Tropical Martini coconut rum, ice and amaretto
Callaloo's Volcano

Callaloo's Volcano

Food Network amaretto, melon liqueur, light rum, rum and 5 MORE
Pumpkin Martini

Pumpkin Martini light cream, toasted pumpkinseeds, ground nutmeg and 3 MORE
Caribbean Kiss

Caribbean Kiss brown sugar, dark rum, amaretto liqueur, cinnamon and 2 MORE
A Different Scorpion

A Different Scorpion orange juice, brandy, amaretto, lemon juice and 1 MORE
Disaronno Cosmo

Disaronno Cosmo bacardi, amaretto and cranberry juice
A Cup of Joy

A Cup of Joy coconut rum, amaretto, shredded coconut, coffee and 2 MORE
The Dingo

The Dingo amaretto, sour mix, orange juice, grenadine and 2 MORE
Singapore Sling II

Singapore Sling II

Epicurious pineapple, pineapple juice, amaretto and 5 MORE
Almond Cigar

Almond Cigar cinnamon sticks, lime peel, amaretto liqueur and 2 MORE
Italian Surfer With a Russian Attitude

Italian Surfer With a Russian Attitude cranberry juice, amaretto, ice, vodka and 2 MORE
Apple Liqueur Syrup for Pound Cake

Apple Liqueur Syrup for Pound Cake amaretto, coriander seeds, apple juice concentrate and 2 MORE
Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven fresh lime juice, amaretto, blue curacao and 2 MORE
California Iced Tea

California Iced Tea citrus, sour mix, gin, triple sec, cranberry juice and 3 MORE

Chi-Chi amaretto, vodka, rum and pineapple juice
Flaming Doctor Pepper II

Flaming Doctor Pepper II

AllRecipes beer, amaretto liqueur and rum
Hawaiian Sugar Plantation

Hawaiian Sugar Plantation coconut rum, schnapps and amaretto
Bayou Juice

Bayou Juice cranberry juice, amaretto, pineapple juice, rum and 1 MORE
Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude triple sec, tequila, orange juice, vodka, rum and 5 MORE

Envy pineapple juice, amaretto, blue curacao and 3 MORE

Artlantic blue curacao, spiced rum, amaretto and 2 MORE
Mardi Gras Hurricane 2

Mardi Gras Hurricane 2 amaretto liqueur, orange, pineapple juice and 6 MORE
Vanilla Disatini

Vanilla Disatini sweet and sour mix, amaretto and rum
The Chiapas Chocolate Drink

The Chiapas Chocolate Drink kahlua, dark chocolate, chocolate milk and 4 MORE
Blended Blue Hawaiian

Blended Blue Hawaiian ice, amaretto, vodka, fresh lime juice and 4 MORE
Mai Tai II

Mai Tai II

Epicurious pineapple, grand marnier, dark rum and 5 MORE
Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave amaretto, coconut cream, Malibu Caribbean Rum and 5 MORE
Fruity Almond Slush With Rum Soaked Cherries

Fruity Almond Slush With Rum Soaked Cherries orange juice, cherries, amaretto and 7 MORE
Hawaiian Island Sunset Drink

Hawaiian Island Sunset Drink pineapple juice, lemonade, rum, amaretto, schnapps and 2 MORE
Spirited Apricots

Spirited Apricots water, rum, granulated sugar, amaretto and apricots
Wiki Waki Woo

Wiki Waki Woo rum, amaretto, vodka, orange juice, tequila and 4 MORE


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