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Jambalaya With Beans Recipes

CrockPot Jambalaya

CrockPot Jambalaya

A Year of Slow Cooking chopped garlic, chopped celery, green pepper and 9 MORE
Sausage and Bean Jambalaya

Sausage and Bean Jambalaya

Better Homes and Gardens chopped celery, diced tomatoes, sweet pepper and 2 MORE
Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalaya

Food52 vegetable broth, fresh thyme leaves, yellow pepper and 10 MORE
Mexican Jambalaya

Mexican Jambalaya

Elite Health Coaching carrots, sausages, green beans, black beans and 1 MORE


Food52 cajun seasoning, celery, white rice, fava beans and 9 MORE
Texas Jambalaya

Texas Jambalaya

AllRecipes diced celery, long grain white rice and 11 MORE
Jambalaya Stew

Jambalaya Stew

MyRecipes italian seasoning, okra, hot sauce, garlic cloves and 10 MORE
Healthy Chicken Jambalaya

Healthy Chicken Jambalaya

Good Food Channel long-grain rice, skinless chicken breasts and 16 MORE
Red Bean Jambalaya

Red Bean Jambalaya vegetable broth, green chilies, olive oil and 13 MORE
Pinto Bean Jambalaya

Pinto Bean Jambalaya garlic cloves, bulgur, salsa, vegetable broth and 9 MORE
Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya

Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya celery, green bell pepper, long-grain rice and 20 MORE

Jambalaya chicken base, salt, chicken broth, Tabasco and 13 MORE
Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalaya tomato sauce, chopped celery, water and 11 MORE

Jambalaya smoked sausage, diced tomatoes, hot sauce, shrimp and 6 MORE
Red Beans & Sausage Jambalaya

Red Beans & Sausage Jambalaya cajun seasoning, smoked sausage, red beans and 7 MORE
Spicy Black Bean Jambalaya

Spicy Black Bean Jambalaya brown rice, black pepper, white rice, hot sauce and 10 MORE
1-2-3 Jambalaya

1-2-3 Jambalaya smoked sausage, red beans, french onion soup and 10 MORE
Ham Jambalaya

Ham Jambalaya

Food Network beans, garlic, green bell pepper, vegetable oil and 6 MORE
Lexie's Jambalaya

Lexie's Jambalaya shrimp, green pepper, hot sausage, bloody mary mix and 4 MORE
Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalaya celery, garlic cloves, vegetable stock, salt and 10 MORE
Pasta Jambalaya

Pasta Jambalaya

MyRecipes diced tomatoes, diced onions, turkey kielbasa and 7 MORE
Pasta Jambalaya

Pasta Jambalaya elbow macaroni, Mexican cheese blend and 7 MORE
Texas Jambalaya

Texas Jambalaya dried thyme, ham, rotel tomatoes, olive oil and 9 MORE
Hoppin' John Jambalaya

Hoppin' John Jambalaya onion, fresh parsley, chicken broth and 11 MORE
Garden Harvest Jambalaya

Garden Harvest Jambalaya

MyRecipes olive oil, tomatoes, cayenne, pepper and 10 MORE
Jambalaya Stew

Jambalaya Stew

MyRecipes salt, green pepper, tomato sauce and 11 MORE
Jazzman Jambalaya

Jazzman Jambalaya tomatoes, onion, green onions, garlic, celery and 13 MORE
Meatless Jambalaya

Meatless Jambalaya ground red pepper, italian seasoning, water and 10 MORE
Best Ever Zatarain's Jambalaya

Best Ever Zatarain's Jambalaya frozen peas, shrimp, jambalaya mix, celery ribs and 11 MORE
Vegetable Jambalaya

Vegetable Jambalaya stewed tomatoes, green pepper, onion and 8 MORE
Jammin' Vegetable Jambalaya

Jammin' Vegetable Jambalaya yellow onion, garlic cloves, water, diced tomatoes and 11 MORE
Delicious Jambalaya!

Delicious Jambalaya! celery, reduced sodium tomato sauce, thyme, oil and 9 MORE
Quick Jambalaya II

Quick Jambalaya II canned tomatoes, cooked chicken, vegetable oil and 8 MORE
Mardi Gras Jambalaya

Mardi Gras Jambalaya crushed tomatoes, garlic cloves, green pepper and 15 MORE
Shrimp Jambalaya With Quinoa

Shrimp Jambalaya With Quinoa onion, quinoa, olive oil, salt, mixed mushrooms and 7 MORE
Jazzed up Jambalaya

Jazzed up Jambalaya kidney beans, water, red beans, bratwursts and onion
Jumpin’ Jambalaya

Jumpin’ Jambalaya celery, long-grain brown rice, vegetable oil and 12 MORE
Pasta Jambalaya

Pasta Jambalaya diced onions, red bell pepper, cheese and 6 MORE
Online Round 2 Recipe - Cajun Red Bean and Rice Soup

Online Round 2 Recipe - Cajun Red Bean and Rice Soup

Food Network kosher salt, ground black pepper, red kidney beans and 5 MORE
College Student Jambalaya

College Student Jambalaya water, green beans, okra, turkey sausage and 3 MORE
Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalaya onion, crushed tomatoes, corn niblets, rice and 5 MORE
Black-Eyed Peas Jambalaya(Rice Cooker)

Black-Eyed Peas Jambalaya(Rice Cooker) seasoning, rice, black-eyed peas, beef broth and 4 MORE
Chinese Jambalaya

Chinese Jambalaya cabbage, oil, white onion, bamboo shoots, celery and 12 MORE
Hot and Happy Jambalaya

Hot and Happy Jambalaya ground beef, Tabasco, green onions, smoked sausage and 5 MORE
Curt's Playoff Jambalaya

Curt's Playoff Jambalaya paprika, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes and 13 MORE
One-Pot Hotshot Vegan Jambalaya

One-Pot Hotshot Vegan Jambalaya onion, thyme, olive oil, brown rice, chili powder and 14 MORE
Josh & Christa's Awesome Jambalaya, Good Job!

Josh & Christa's Awesome Jambalaya, Good Job! cajun seasoning, kielbasa, garlic powder, cumin and 8 MORE


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