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Drinking Coffee And Orange Juice Recipes

Good Morning Lassi

Good Morning Lassi

Food52 grated nutmeg, cardamom pods, orange juice and 11 MORE
Comfort Coffee

Comfort Coffee

Imbibe cardamom seeds, coffee, ground cloves, syrup and 3 MORE
Café Brûlot

Café Brûlot

MyRecipes fresh lemon juice, lemon, triple sec and 6 MORE
Rosé Champagne Granita

Rosé Champagne Granita

Taste orange, lemon, sugar, red wine, edible flowers and 7 MORE
Orange Coffee

Orange Coffee vanilla ice cream, coffee, orange juice and 2 MORE
Hot Lemony Coffee

Hot Lemony Coffee coffee, orange rind, grated orange, whipped cream and 3 MORE
Chocolate Orange Espresso Smoothie

Chocolate Orange Espresso Smoothie

Good Food Channel milk, sugar, orange juice and 4 MORE
IRISH Coffee

IRISH Coffee orange juice, fresh lemon juice, coffee and 1 MORE
Adult Orange Dreamsicle

Adult Orange Dreamsicle orange liqueur, sherbet, vanilla extract and 4 MORE
Mexican Spiced Coffee

Mexican Spiced Coffee splenda granular, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon and 3 MORE
Autumn Delight Coffee

Autumn Delight Coffee coffee, clove, sugar cubes, cinnamon sticks and 2 MORE
Strawberry Orange Julius Smoothie

Strawberry Orange Julius Smoothie frozen strawberries, honey, blood orange juice and 5 MORE
Coffee Carrots

Coffee Carrots coffee liqueur, orange juice, brown sugar and carrots
Tootsie Roll -- the Drink

Tootsie Roll -- the Drink coffee liqueur, orange juice and ice
Jamaican Special

Jamaican Special dark rum, pineapple juice, limeade, Tia Maria and 2 MORE
Magic Bullet Irish Coffee

Magic Bullet Irish Coffee irish whiskey, orange juice, whipped cream, coffee and 1 MORE
Top of the Mornin to Ya

Top of the Mornin to Ya whiskey, coffee, eggs, hot sauce and orange juice
Freddy Fudpucker

Freddy Fudpucker orange juice, tequila, galliano and coffee liqueur
Nescafe Caribbean Twist

Nescafe Caribbean Twist coffee granules, sugar, orange juice, ice and 3 MORE
Bomb.COM Smoothie

Bomb.COM Smoothie

MyRecipes almond milk, eggs, coffee, kale, raspberries and 5 MORE
Iced Orange Truffle Coffee

Iced Orange Truffle Coffee ice cubes, coffee, whipped cream, schnapps and 7 MORE
Jamaican Bob Sled

Jamaican Bob Sled lemon juice, coffee liqueur, dark rum, grenadine and 2 MORE
Tootsie Rolltini

Tootsie Rolltini creme de cacao, orange juice and coffee liqueur
Acadia's Raspberry Citrus Smoothie

Acadia's Raspberry Citrus Smoothie orange juice, milk, coffee creamer and 3 MORE
Super Creamy Orange Julius

Super Creamy Orange Julius coffee creamer, orange juice, sugar, vanilla and 1 MORE
Creamsicle Freeze

Creamsicle Freeze sugar, orange, vanilla extract, water, ice cubes and 2 MORE
Orange Julius - Our Way !

Orange Julius - Our Way ! milk, frozen orange juice concentrate, water and 3 MORE
Acadia's Fruit Smoothie 2

Acadia's Fruit Smoothie 2 orange juice, pineapple, non-dairy creamer and 1 MORE
Mai Tais

Mai Tais coffee liqueur, dark rum, orange liqueur and 4 MORE
Frozen Sunset

Frozen Sunset orange juice, ice cubes and coffee creamer
Frozen Aztec Mocha

Frozen Aztec Mocha water, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and 7 MORE
Chocolate Madeleines

Chocolate Madeleines coffee liqueur, chocolate extract and 11 MORE
Normandy Coffee

Normandy Coffee brown sugar, coffee, ground allspice and 4 MORE
Spiced Coffee Cider

Spiced Coffee Cider orange, coffee, ground allspice, ground cloves and 3 MORE
Beer Ball Buffet

Beer Ball Buffet

Food Network orange liqueur, lemon, lager, beer, coffee liqueur and 3 MORE
Banana Spinach Salad

Banana Spinach Salad seasoning salt, raspberry vinaigrette dressing and 8 MORE
Chocolate Cup Mousse Shots

Chocolate Cup Mousse Shots kahlua, pineapple juice, coffee, lime peel and 24 MORE
Experimental Chocolate Chip Cookies

Experimental Chocolate Chip Cookies

Allrecipes UK salt, orange liqueur, ground cinnamon and 20 MORE


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