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Carrot Tzimmes With Pineapple Recipes

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Holiday Tzimmes

Holiday Tzimmes

Meal Planning Maven - Linda S.

dried cranberries, butter, fresh pineapple, ginger, cinnamon, orange juice, salt and 6 MORE

Mom’s Tzimmes (Tsimis)

Mom’s Tzimmes (Tsimis)

Cupcake Project

lemon, pineapple, unsalted butter, navel oranges, carrots, apples, brown sugar and 2 MORE

Tzimmes Souffle

Tzimmes Souffle

canola oil, matzo meal, crushed pineapple, large eggs, carrots, lemon juice and 2 MORE

Tzimmes Souffle

Tzimmes Souffle


matzo meal, large eggs, canola oil, carrots, sugar, lemon juice, orange juice and 1 MORE

Tzimmes Souffle

Tzimmes Souffle

crushed pineapple, large eggs, matzo meal, lemon juice, carrots, nonstick spray and 4 MORE

Tzimmes Kugel

Tzimmes Kugel

oil, carrots, brandy, onions, sweet potatoes, pepper, fresh ginger and 7 MORE

Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes

Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes


corn starch, honey, pineapple juice, prunes, orange juice, salt, baby carrots and 4 MORE


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